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Acrylic on Canvas Board - 2006
18 X 24
Availability: 8-1/16 X 10-3/4 prints on 8-1/2 X 11 glossy photo paper, unframed
$5.00 plus shipping and handling

This is a work from our first vacation to Nassau in the Bahamas in 1980. On possibly heading for the Straw Market, we strolled through the courtyard of this hotel and the approach was most eye catching. I think that were very much taken in by the pinkness of the wall in contrast to the earth tones of the finely sculptured rocks and stone walkway. It was just all that pink on that wall there.

One of the reasons that I wouldn't sell the original of this is because over the years it has become damaged, as evidenced by the tear on the bottom left corner.

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