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Acrylic on two 20 X 10 Canvas Boards, A Dyptych - 1999
40 X 10

Availability: 40 X 10 Giclée prints, unframed
$85.00 plus shipping and handling

As you come to Great Falls on the Virginia side (Note that the opposite side to which you are viewing is the Maryland side.) along the upper Potomac River, your senses first hear and feel its constant “ROAR!!!” and you are in awe. On coming to the edge of the cliff, you are immediately drawn to the upstream view to the left, where you are held dumbstruck by the vast intricately strewn rock field. There, you are immediately swept up and along by the weaving, winding, churning, and foaming rapids and then to the falls, where the river cascades through fingers of jagged rocks. From there, entwining through it, you are "WUUUSH"ed on downstream by the mighty rush of the sliding board of water that is the Potomac River. You are now swept on downstream to the far right and on and on until it turns you to the right where you ultimately go on down river past the Kennedy Center, past the monuments, past Mount Vernon, past Southern Maryland and Point Lookout, and on into the mouth of the Chesapeake. In all this, you are aware of your place in nature. This is, to say the least, breathtaking. You are greatly humbled.

Of note, this work, at 40 X 10 inches, I did as sort of test drive for a much larger work. 40 X 10 inches is far too small to really do justice to this spectacle of one of God’s great creations. My ultimate vision is to do true justice to this one day on a 92" wide X 28" high canvas. This is a huge canvas and, having measured it many times, this is still not large enough to do true justice to this landscape. To this, there is no representation of any kind, no movie, no photo, no painting or drawing, etc. One must be there and let the majesty and power of this venue to aborb their soul. 

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