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Mixed Media (Acrylic Wash and Color Pencil) on Illustration Board - 2001
8 X 18
Availability: 10-3/4 X 3-3/4 prints on 8-1/2 X 11 glossy photo paper, unframed
$5.00 plus shipping and handling

Driving through Florida in the summertime, the skies can be clear or partly cloudy at one moment, then…, at the next…, it’s Midnight dark in the middle of the day and, then, it’s a downpour. The highway is filled with “skeeting” tires and scattered and splattered spray and, through the spray, red tail lights and white head lights play “See us if you can.”

This painting/drawing is somewhat of an artistic study. I think that it presents an inevitable mood that is encountered during those long hours drive to way out of town destinations. Doesn’t this just make you want to hit the road?

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