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Point and snap! Point and snap! Point, snap, and flash! Well…, you’ve got that camera and, if you’re using film, it’s development, development, development and, if you’re using digital, it’s delete this one, delete this one, and keep that one, keep that one…, no…, delete that one, and… Well, anyone can take a picture and there are millions of them taken everyday, both professionally with cameras, equipment, and studios that costs thousands (and perhaps millions) of dollars and, then there are us amateurs, who, mostly, just take pictures for the fun of it, mostly for remembrances. From a painter’s point of view, it all seems so mechanical and so easy. What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG), even though photos can be doctored (edited) and manipulated. As an example, in movies (photography flashed in front of us so fast that it gives that it gives the illusion motion), people can fly, materialize, walk through walls, animals can talk and smile, and individuals and objects can be placed in places in which they are not or places that do not exist. Well, despite all that, like painting, photography is the presentation of images and expression and, as an art, can present the heart and soul of eye of its observer as he or she peers through the view finder. As with any painting, drawing, or sculpture, photography can be abstract, dramatic, comedic, ironic, controversial, beautiful, upsetting, grotesque, etc. Take it for its intrinsic aesthetic.

 Right now, I have none, but they are coming. In the meantime, looking for some for your computer, check out the pages of the Wallpaper pages below. I have 84 free photos and on 6 pages. Try one. I just may help pump up your computer experience every time you boot it up.

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